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Requirements To Sell

To sell on Blue Barrows, you will need to access the BB Seller Portal. You can do this by creating an account. It takes just 10 minutes and you need just two things to start selling:

Commission Fee As Low As Just 8%. No Hidden Cost

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How Can You Sell With Blue Barrows?

Selling on BB is fairly simple and easy. Just register your store here. with your GST registration certificate. You will be provided a seller portal to manage all your inventory, orders and payments.

What Are The Pre-Conditions To Become A Seller On Blue Barrows?

The most important condition for selling on is that your products should be Curated and Handmade Product with High quality standards. For selective product categories products must be free from harmful chemicals and/or artificial preservatives. They can be all natural; organic; and handmade. From a more business sense, you’d need the following documentation:
1. GST Certificate (Mandatory)
2. FSSAI License (Applicable for Food & Beverage products)
3. Brand Labelling Image for each product
4. Nutritional Label (Applicable for Food & Beverage products)

How Much Commission Is Charged By Blue Barrows?

There are no charges to register as a seller on Blue Barrows.

Blue Barrows charge only a 18% commission + GST, Fixed Fee on all categories.

We have a special plans with lower commission rates and for promotions. Your products will get higher visibility and promotion so that you get more sales.

Will Blue Barrows Provide Shipping For My Orders?

Yes, shipping is handled by Blue Barrows. Your orders will be picked by our courier partners and our customer support team will make sure that your orders are delivered to customers on time.

For pickup issues mail us at – [email protected]

I Have My Own Website, Then Why Should I Register With You?

It may happen that only your regular customers may know about your website. As a part of Blue Barrows, you will be able to reach a new set of customers who don’t know about you. – Our sole existence is to help you win by giving you more orders and customers. You can continue doing what you are doing. We are just an alternate business channel for you. – We specialize in SEO and driving traffic to our website through the use of Social media marketing. This means more eyeballs on your products listed on our site.

How Much Amount Will Be Paid For My Order?

Total Earnings = Selling Price – Commission Fee – Shipping Fee – GST – TCS
Net Payout = Total Earnings – TDS

The Selling Price of a Handmade Candle is ₹1500
GST rate is 12% (Calculated automatically based on your category selected above)
The taxable Amount is ₹1339.29

Commission Fee (8% for Premium Plan) is 8% X 1339.29 = ₹107.14

For Weight 450gm Shipping Fees = ₹30

Total Fees = ₹137.14

18% GST = ₹24.69

TCS 1% of Taxable Amount = ₹13.39

Total Earnings = ₹1500 – ₹107.14 – ₹30 – ₹24.69 – ₹13.39 = ₹1324.78
Net Payout = ₹1324.78 – ₹13.25 = ₹1311.53

When Will I Get Payment For My Orders?

Blue Barrows will pay your earnings every month between 1st to 5th for all orders which are marked delivered + 7 days ( expiry of return period)

For Example –

If your order is delivered on 15th Oct then it will be eligible for payment on 22nd Oct ( 15th Oct + 7 days ). So it will be paid in next payment cycle that will be 1s to 5th Nov.

How To Upload Products On Blue Barrows ?

Adding new products on Blue Barrows is very easy, you can add products one by one directly from your seller panel.

Just click on products tab > Product Listings > Add Product

You can also upload products in bulk. To upload products in bulk you have to download listing format file and you have to mail that file to [email protected] and our catalog team will add your products.

Click Here to download the listing format file.

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