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central bank of india: Out of PCA, Central Bank aims for below 10% NPA in three months – Blue Barrows

Kolkata: Central Bank of India, the latest lender to extricate itself from regulatory curbs, has set a target of reducing bad loans to the tune of ₹6,000 crore in the next three months to bring the gross non-performing assets ratio below 10%. The state-owned bank is carrying a gross NPA burden of ₹29,000 crore, which […]

pnb: Flush with capital, PNB ready to capitalise growth in key sectors – Blue Barrows

managing director Atul Kumar Goel is very optimistic about the banking sector credit growth on the back of improved consumption demand and higher government spending in the capital-intensive sectors. He said was capital ready to lap up the growth opportunities and has set a target of growing its lending portfolio by 11-12% this fiscal, despite […]