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hatha yoga: Mind Over Money: How chanting and Hatha Yoga help this Director manage stress and sharpen leadership skills – Blue Barrows

“I have been following Buddhism as a life philosophy for over 10 years as a part of which I chant for an hour daily. The practice of chanting clears my mind and works as a power charge to begin the day,” says Supriya Rathi, Whole-time Director, Anand Rathi Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd. In an interview […]

How behavioral science can help make you a better investor? – Blue Barrows

Successful investing is nothing but being a master of one’s own emotions. One of my favourite quotes is by Peter Lynch: “Success depends on the ability to ignore the worries of the world, long enough to allow your stocks to compound”. Unfortunately, the world around us constantly batters us with noise and news. As a […]