Coco Bowls | Matte Finished | 150-200 ml | Pack of 2 - Back To Roots

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Don't underestimate your Bowls - your choice can make a Big Ecological difference! Coco bowls are a great solution to the huge wastage of natural resources that occur from manufacturing coco products.

Product Details:
Made in India
Material: Discarded Coconut Shells
Packaging: Recyclable box
Size: 150-200 ml

- A step towards A healthy and sustainable life
- Eco friendly and biodegradable
- Sturdy, long lasting and dent/bump resistant
- Free of BPA and synthesis
- Durable and handcrafted

Care Instructions:
- Handwash with soapy water and do not put it dishwasher
- To give it A fresh look, Polish it with coconut oil

Note: Coconuts occur naturally, the size of each bowl will slightly vary from one another. Each bowl is unique.

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