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Bamboo toothbrush is a perfect replacement for the conventional plastic toothbrushes which generate > 3 billion of waste plastic pieces annually through out the globe. Bamboo is a renewable resource; a woody grass; fastest growing plant; excluded from the tree category by Govt., thus no permission is required for cutting these; The products made up of this can be easily degraded in natural conditions and are compostable, thus its a win win situation in all terms when using a bamboo product. Material Handle - Bamboo Bristles - Charcoal infused/ Bamboo fiber/ nylon4 * 100% biodegradable toothbrush (including nylon4) *Soft/ Medium soft bristle * Plastic free * Vegan * Naturally antibacterial * Charcoal removes debris/plaque more efficiently Care Tips - Rinse the brush well after each use and keep it in a dry place. When you choose a bamboo toothbrush, you are contributing towards the Conservation of Mother Nature. Our tiny steps are counted... Go Green , Be Ecofriendly...

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