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fixed return investment: Top 5 investment options offering fixed interest rate without stock market volatility – Blue Barrows

In the current market, you can save your income tax as there are various tax savers that are available. However, there are some tax savings plans like NPS, ELSS mutual funds, and Ulips that are also market-based investments but due to non-fixation of the returns, multiple investors find it as one of the causes to […]

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How to reduce Creatinine levels naturally? In most cases, the kidneys’ functioning is hindered because of high blood pressure or diabetes. Both these factors are the primary causes of kidney damage. To reduce creatinine levels, it is advised to keep blood pressure and sugar within normal limits so that no further damage happens.

ethereum price today: Ethereum remains troubled after the Merge. What is the way ahead? – Blue Barrows

New Delhi: Ever since Ethereum’s soft grade overhaul, named as the Merge, the second-largest crypto token has been struggling. The increase in rates by the US Fed has further added to its woes. The Merge, which was completed earlier this month on September 15, changed its mechanism to proof-of-stake (PoS), making it more energy efficient. […]