Bajaj Finserv Stock Price today: Hold Bajaj Finserv in your demat? Here’s how many shares shall be credited post stock split & bonus issue – Blue Barrows

Shares of Nifty 50 constituent – – traded ex-split and ex-bonus on Tuesday. In case you hold the scrip in your demat account as of the record date, you will be eligible for both these corporate actions.

The NBFC in July this year announced a 1:1 bonus share issue. The ex-date for the same is today and the record date falls on Wednesday.

As bonus shares are the extra shares given as a reward to shareholders in some pre-specified proportion, you will be credited one more share. Nevertheless, the value of the holding shall remain the same even after the bonus share allotment.

As for the stock split, the scrip’s face value shall see a change from Rs 5 to Re 1. For every one share you owned earlier, you will now have five shares.

If you had one share of Bajaj Finserv, your shareholding in the stock shall increase by (1x5x2) considering a 5:1 stock split and 1:1 bonus shares. For every share held post the split and bonus in Bajaj Finserv, you will own 10 shares and its share price will also reduce by one-tenth to Rs 1700 per share.